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OneLife, owned by Shauna Fogg, offers the opportunity to see exactly where you are at with your body composition from technologies latest and greatest scan. Weighing yourself each day is not an accurate OR effective way to track your health and fitness progress.

The InBody 570 will show you the positive (non-scale) changes you’ve made. The InBody 570 is a body composition scanner that can read your skeletal muscle mass, total body water, body fat % mass, visceral fat level, ECW/TBW Analysis, Basal Metabolic Rate, and more. These types of results are important to track progress for fitness goals, may give insight if your visceral fat level may indicate risk for certain diseases, and may indicate muscular imbalances.

OneLife Scans are recommended for those completing the Cut or Gains Program.

Your scans are taken prior to beginning your program and at the completion of your program. If you purchase an additional scan, it will occur at the end of your sixth week.

Pricing for OneLife Body Scans:

Two Scans


Three Scans


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