New Group Programs begin the first Monday of every Month

This Cut Program is designed to torch body fat and increase muscle growth, while healing and restoring gut health from processed and inflammatory foods that most people don’t even realize are affecting their results.

Over your 12-week journey, we teach you how to eat clean, whole foods and count macro nutrients that are customized from your personal body composition and set to help you reach your specific goals. We do all of this in an online group setting so you have the support of like-minded individuals to help you to the finish line.

This program is for you if your goals center around losing weight, boosting energy, trimming fat, increasing muscle tone, and strengthening the mind.

What you get with this program

  • Macro Coaching
  • Approved Program Foods List
  • Accountability Group through FB Messenger
  • Easy Recipe Ideas and Sample Meal Plans
  • Daily Group Check-ins
  • Weekly 1×1 Check-ins
  • Whole Food/Clean eating nutrition education
  • Meal Prep tips/videos
  • Weekly Challenge for continued motivation & engagement
  • Eating out/travel tips & suggestions
  • Endless encouragement and support from group participants

Additional Services Available

1×1 program for a private experience and custom start date

4-Week Transition Group after 12 week program to sustain results

Macro Counts for maintainability and new goals

Monthly Macro Maintenance

AP Fortify Fitness Programs

One Life Body Scans (Arizona Locals Only)

End of 12 Week Program Photoshoot (Arizona Locals Only)


After submitting payment, please click on the link below to complete the program questionnaire.

12-Week Group


One-on-One 12- Week


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