AP Fortify, owned by Ashley Polk, began in the February 2019. Ashley’s athletic career and experiences has enabled her to develop and coach fitness programs that cater to all goals, whether you are at home or have a gym, or access to weights or equipment.

Live Fit Legacy asked Ashley to join their team in June 2019 to provide more opportunities for YOU in nutrition to FORTIFY your life and leave a LEGACY for those who follow you, while reaching your personal goals.

Ashley operates her AP Fortify Fitness Programs separately from Live Fit Legacy, but the two programs are encouraged to be taken simultaneously for optimal results.

AP Fortify Fitness Programs

  • 6-Week or 12-Week Fortify Training Guide
  • 6-Week One-on-One Program:
    • will get you living an active lifestyle
    • for those who do not have a workout routine or an inconsistent work routine
    • are looking to transition into a workout program
    • will increase your cardio by adding a day, lengthening the time, and/or the amount of weight/resistance to your exercises
  • 12-Week One-on-One Program
    • build on your current active lifestyle
    • for those who regularly workout, but are looking to transition into a workout program
    • for those looking to build physical strength and mental stamina
    • will add intensity, build your endurance and challenge you daily
  • 30-Day Core Challenge
    • provides you with a 5-minute core challenge each day
    • designed to build a stronger core, strengthen your back, and sculpt your abs
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