“If you are looking to be your best you, this is the program you are looking for! LFL is there for you every step of the way. They give the tools and support to help you reach your fitness goals and so much more! This 12-week program has changed my life and the way I look at food. I have worked out almost my entire life. I took weight training in HS and had my first gym membership at 16, but now I truly understand the importance of eating the right way to fuel your body to reach those next level goals. Hello 6 pack!”

“Where do I even begin? I’m currently doing round 2 of LFL. The program is unique to each individual. LFL coaches are always available to answer my questions. Thanks for all you have done.”

2018 was the year I hit rock bottom.  It all began when I received a call from my mom.  It was the words I never thought I’d hear, a child’s worst nightmare – “Your father and I are getting divorced”.  

I felt isolated and abandoned.  Bottling up everything inside caused me to spiral out of control. It took 5 months of this to realize I couldn’t handle this on my own. 

January came around and this ’12 Week Challenge’ was being offered by Live Fit Legacy.  I decided, ‘what I have to lose’?  Little did I know this decision would change my life forever. My mindset going into this was “I love a challenge – can’t wait to get in better shape, healthier, stronger.” 

Fast-forward to where I am today.  Educated about whole foods, nutrition labels, portion size, macro counting, and alcohol consumption.  Because of this; my energy levels are incredible, sleeping solid, but more importantly – thinking more clearly without poisoning my body. Although I can’t control my parent’s divorce, this challenge taught me to control the things I can.

I’ll ever be able to thank LFL enough – FOR EVERYTHING; my health, mental state, and fulfilling my purpose.  My life has done a complete 180 because of Live Fit Legacy. 

I’ve done every fad diet, every pill, and played Division 1 college ball, and single motherhood had nothing on My Live Fit Legacy journey. By far one of the hardest, eye opening, inspiring, and best experiences I have ever been through. 12 weeks of challenges, but I got through it! I slipped at times and had more cheat days then should have, but I began learning how to train my mind to get back in it. I learned so much about macros, food and what it does to my body. Also about, my personal strength- body and mind. I gained received so much support, gained new relationships and friendships from the group! I couldn’t have done it without LFL!

“I couldn’t say enough good things about LFL. I’m a very dedicated gym goer, I go 5-7xs/week and I work hard. It wasn’t until I got involved with their 12-week program that I was able to achieve goals that I never knew were possible. I’m a wife, mom of two toddler boys, a flight attendant, a trainer and I’m in the best shape of my life. I struggled with weight and body image most my life. I was tired of it. I doubted myself and was hesitant to partake, because I was afraid of failure. Through their program, I gained so much more than a better physique-I gained energy, confidence and an amazing support system with the other program members. LFL has amazing coaches, they put their heart and soul into their work. They really do care about their members and strive for your success.’

With Live Fit Legacy, I got the body that I never thought I could obtain.  There is no way that I thought that I would look like this or lose this kind of weight.  I have never had a flat stomach or “thin” waist.  It was a long 12 weeks on this Live Fit Legacy Program, but I conquered. I did not follow it 100%, but commitment was high enough to see amazing results.  I lost 15 pounds, 3 ½ inches on my waist and 2 ½ inches on my hips.

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