Are you afraid of the yo-yo diet mentality? It is common to complete a program and be unsure of how to maintain your results at the end. Most people go back to old habits and gain weight back shortly after causing them to constantly live in diet mode.

This program is designed to help you transition back into “real life” after completing our Cut or Gains Programs, so you can maintain your healthy habits that you have learned through the Cut and Gains Program. We help you incorporate your achievements into a maintainable and permanent lifestyle changes.

Transition Group Details

  • 4-week group
  • What to expect after the Cut or Gains Program
  • New Macro Numbers
  • Coaching on how to sustain results and clean eating lifestyle
  • Tips on how to find balance between goals and everyday life
  • Support Group through FB Messenger
  • Bi-Weekly Check-ins
  • Continued info on whole food/clean eating nutrition
  • New Food List with more variety from your Program
  • Eating out tips and suggestions

To join the transition group please remit your payment below and you will be contacted by our team with further details.

Transition Program


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